Option #2 (Collector’s Edition): Flash Card-size deck (4.0″ X 6.0″)


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    1. All photographs included within this product have been taken by and are the property of Dirigo Treasures, LLC. Any commercial activity resulting from the reproduction, recreation, or replication of said images (Or the product itself) without the exclusive written permission of Dirigo Treasures, LLC is strictly prohibited.
    2. Treasure hunting of the kind represented by this product requires Travel, which can at times invite risk. ALL TRAVEL IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. In no event shall Dirigo Treasures, LLC, as well as its officers, employees, and investors, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or special consequential injury and/or damages which may result as a consequence of travel or non-travel related activities associated with this product.
    3. When you do travel, please be safe. Respect the environment and your natural surroundings. And above all, leave no trace. Dirigo Treasures, LLC is a proud supporter of the 7 Principles of LEAVE NO TRACE. For more information on LEAVE NO TRACE, please visit the following: https://www.nps.gov/articles/leave-no-trace-seven-principles.htm
    4. Dirigo Treasures, LLC, as well as its officers, employees, and investors, share no liability for any card-playing related gambling losses suffered as a result of this product, whether obtained soberly or while inebriated!
    5. When you photograph, please be mindful of the laws and regulations regarding the commercial use of images. Dirigo Treasures, LLC would like to once again thank the many individuals and organizations who have been gracious in permitting Dirigo Treasures, LLC authorization for photography associated with this product. In particular, Dirigo Treasures, LLC would like to thank Maine Maritime Museum, and as well the hosts of the locations of the 7 Dirigo Stones, whom it has been a pleasure to compensate for their assistance with this product.
    6. By purchasing this product and participating in the Dirigo Treasures Maine® treasure hunt experience, you grant Dirigo Treasures, LLC exclusive permission to publish your name and hometown for purposes of public disclosure should you be a winner. You also allow a single photograph to be taken of yourself as winner, for purposes again of public disclosure and as media/advertising for Dirigo Treasures Maine®. No other consumer information will be shared whatsoever with the public.
    7. As is customary with products of this nature, employees, contractors, and advisors of Dirigo Treasures, LLC are ineligible from participating in the Dirigo Treasures Maine® treasure hunt experience, and are ineligible from winning.
    8. NOTE: We have updated our policy on player rules regarding disqualification. Please see our June 16th, 2021 Q&A on our “News/Updates” page for more information. 

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