An explanation of the gameplay for Dirigo Treasures Maine ®, a Maine-based real-world treasure hunt gaming experience:


As mentioned, Dirigo Treasures Maine ® is a standard Poker deck of 52 cards, with 2 Jokers. This it shall always be.

However, the deck of cards also functions as the first step, or “Level”, in a puzzle game whose objective is to locate 7 Dirigo Stones carefully hidden and scattered throughout the State of Maine. Finding these 7 Dirigo Stones is your true goal in this treasure hunt, as they have a combined message which tells where the $20,000 prize, the “Dirigo Treasure”, may be found.

Each Poker card, on its face, displays an iconic image of one of Maine’s most beautiful places. Each photographic image is in itself a “Dirigo Treasure” to be admired. Most are well known places, if not to the general public, then at least to the local community in which they reside. Most you may know, some you may not, but you may find that the act of identifying all of them (Your first “Level” in the Treasure hunt) is an enjoyable experience in itself. But again, begin by identifying each of the iconic locations on the card faces.

Your second step in the Treasure Hunt experience will be to consult the folded map “Manual” included with your purchase. This instruction manual explains the initial 4 levels to the game. Level 1 (“Identify the Maine location of each card”) has been already mentioned. Level 2 (“Find the Clues”) may be found in the instruction manual. Each card in the Poker deck has a clue associated with it; A clue in close proximity to the actual iconic Maine image. Your objective in Level 2 is to travel to each location, follow each card clue’s instructions in the manual, and then determine the answer. Once you have all 52 clue answers, you may proceed to Level 3 of the game (“Find the Pairs!”).

Also included with your purchase is a Level 3 (“Find the Pairs”) red & white post card. Level 3 is quite simple: Use the clues from Level 2 to translate Level 3’s text. Once translated, the Level 3 language can be used to “Find the Pairs”!

Level 4 is a large paragraph of text located in the manual. Using the knowledge gained thus far from the deck of cards, the manual, the locations, the clues, and the pairs, work to decipher this paragraph. This paragraph reveals the 7 Dirigo Stones. When you find the stones, listen carefully to their combined secret message, as it is your answer to finding Maine’s $20,000 “Dirigo Treasure”.

Good Luck, and travel safely!

Level 3 snapshot