Frequently asked questions regarding Dirigo Treasures Maine ®, a Maine-based real-world treasure hunt gaming experience.

What is Dirigo Treasures Maine ®?

Dirigo Treasures Maine ® is a deck of Poker Playing Cards celebrating the State of Maine’s 200th anniversary (Bicentennial). This deck of Maine’s many beautiful places also represents a roadmap, and a puzzle, which can lead the game-player to the location of a $20,000 prize secretly hidden somewhere in the State of Maine.

How does the treasure hunt experience work?
How do the Poker playing cards relate to the treasure?

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Is the Dirigo Treasures Maine ® prize real?

Yes, absolutely. In contrast to many well-known “Treasure Hunts” in the news whose authenticity may be legitimately questioned, this treasure is real. Tangibly real. A real $20,000 cash prize has been hidden somewhere in the State of Maine. It is publicly accessible. Anyone may simply reach out and obtain it if the location is known. It has been hidden legally. It has been hidden ethically. And it has been hidden in an environmentally responsible manner.

Where did the $20,000 treasure originate?

Simply put, the $20,000 is a personal investment by the creators of this game, from their own savings. A personal risk, a belief in the concept, and a willingness to explore novel thinking and new ideas & ways to support charitable endeavors in Maine.

How will charitable donations be handled?

For every sale of Dirigo Treasures Maine ®, $1 of the proceeds will be donated to each of 2 Maine non-profits, whose permission has been obtained: Maine Cancer Foundation, and Maine Rivers.
Payments from sales will be made to each organization on a calendar quarterly basis, commencing with the quarter end of December 31, 2020.

In addition, 100% of all profits from the sale of Dirigo Treasures Maine ® will be donated to Health & Environmental non-profits in the State of Maine by the conclusion of the $20,000 treasure hunt!