What is Dirigo Treasures, LLC?

Dirigo Treasures, LLC is a small Maine-based company formed to explore a simple premise: The creation of intelligent, challenging, and creative games that engage both body and mind in support of worthy state-wide charitable endeavors.

Dirigo Treasures Maine? Now for sale to the public, a unique product concept has been developed: Namely, the creation of a deck of Maine 200th anniversary Poker playing cards which are the basis for a real world treasure hunting experience. The State of Maine, at its bicentennial, represents the perfect venue for such an experience: A state of physical beauty, geographical diversity, hard-working people, and a rich cultural & historical tapestry from which to host the ultimate question: Where in Maine can the Dirigo Treasure be found?

Is a Real-world Treasure Hunt still possible? In many ways, Dirigo Treasures Maine® is a grand experiment, designed to answer the following question: In the 21st century (An age of rapid-forming technology, of the Internet, and of an increasingly photographed world), is the concept of the Treasure Hunt a lost one? Can an actual real-world treasure hunt still be credibly, and creatively done? The challenges are many: To do it right, one must carefully, and cleverly, navigate the treacherous waters of photography law, property rights, ethics, and environmental responsibility, while at the same time providing a credible and creative physical and intellectual challenge which will intrigue the mind, and provide an important educational experience. Not an easy task. However, at Dirigo Treasures, LLC, we believe the treasure hunt is still indeed a possibility. With Dirigo Treasures Maine®, we attempt to prove the point.

Please join us in this grand experiment by purchasing Dirigo Treasures Maine® today. Enjoy a game of Poker with your friends, relatives, and co-workers, or involve yourself in the hunt for the Dirigo Treasure. Or both. While doing so, please note that $1 of the proceeds on each sale will be pledged to 2 worthy causes within Maine: One to support its people (Maine Cancer Foundation) and the other to support its future (Maine Rivers).

We Thank you for your support, and your purchase of this product!