Dirigo Treasures Maine®:
Poker Playing Cards & $20,000 Treasure Hunt!



As 2020, the year of Maine’s 200th anniversary (Bicentennial), draws to a close, a great mystery begins: Where is the Dirigo Treasure? And who will find it? It could be YOU!

In celebration of 200 years of statehood, over $20,000 has been cleverly hidden somewhere in the great state of Maine. This mysterious cache is known to be called Maine’s Dirigo Treasure. Its location is a secret, a riddle, and a puzzle to be solved.

The keys to this puzzle are 7 Dirigo Stones scattered throughout this beautiful Pine Tree State. Find the 7 stones, and you will find the treasure, as when their secret messages are combined, they reveal the treasure’s location.

This unique deck of playing cards, an accompanying puzzle manual, and Maine’s place in the nation, are your clues to finding these 7 Dirigo Stones.

Indeed, the 7 Dirigo Stones hold a power all their own.
But where exactly are they? Truth be told,

“One stone docks peaceful near the River;
One gazes longingly at the Sea;
One, at the Lake, beckons “Come hither“;
One, at bold Cliffs, finds friendship with tree;
One stone, relaxed, at the rocky Bay;
One sleeps idly in the Forest deep;
One perched, Peak-high, seeks first light of day;
Masked, Dirigo’s Treasure that they keep.”

Can you find the 7 Dirigo Stones? Can you be the one to find
Maine’s Dirigo Treasure?
Your answers lie all in the cards…

In support of Maine’s families, and Maine’s future, $1 of the proceeds of every sale will be donated to Maine Cancer Foundation, and also to Maine Rivers, to assist with their vital work throughout the state.

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